Smashfest® supports concussion and cancer research and does so with one driving theme: collaboration.

Like the event itself, which brings, NHL players, guests, charity ambassadors, partners and sponsors together for one memorable night, Smashfest® supports projects which foster cooperation to find new insights.

Both rare cancer research and concussion research are prone to environments where research can be isolated and limited, for which there are a variety of reasons. Despite some great work by a number of institutions, the fact remains that progress has lagged in both areas because of this.

The foundations behind Smashfest® - The Katie Moore Foundation & The Steve Moore Foundation - have created projects that aim to break through these limitations.

Because rare forms of cancer are so difficult to research due to the limited number of cases and tissue available, Smashfest® worked closely with the University of California in San Francisco and Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto to create a cross-border project wherein these two elite institutions would share information and work collectively on a few rare diseases. With more data and more minds working together, this initiative is poised for success.

Likewise, with our understanding of concussions continuing to grow, the unification of knowledge is key in order to drive progress. Smashfest® supports initiatives that bring together the expertise, experiences, best practices and cutting edge studies of leaders in the field in order to advance collective knowledge, and share that knowledge through education initiatives.

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